Hi and welcome to our resort!


Your hosts, Olivier, from Belgium, and his lovely wife Alis from Thailand are your hosts. They are warm hearted hedonists who are here to make sure you enjoy your unique vacation.


Our private bungalows are simple but very comfortable, outfitted with large modern beds. You can relax and soak in the sun or swim in our swimming pool that is open round the clock. Our rates are designed to make our resort accessible to all. Our resort is all inclusive from food to transportation. We will also assist you in obtaining taxis, renting cars and motorbikes. Whatever your wishes are, we’re here to serve you.


The palm-lined beach is a few steps from our door and it’s quiet with no nearby traffic and few people. Just relax and listen to the ocean waves and unwind.


You can choose to have meals ala carte or included in your stay. The cuisine is either Thai or European.


We hope to make your stay memorable and that you join us in our concept of liberty and freedom in our small island paradise .



This is a resort where clothes are optional and morals strictly your own business, provided it’s legal

Exclusively for couples over 18

“Complete Freedom” is our slogan


Our hotel is surrounded by a high fence and completely private to the outside world


Our nightly soirees are glamourous and festive

It’s a mini Paradise set amidst a lush green tropical background


Please note: Financial transactions between guests is not allowed. Any form of prostitution is strictly prohibited.


Although we like to have only couples, we do on occasions make exceptions.


The taking of photos or videos are not permitted without the explicit consent of the other guests


big  thanks for the translate in english at robert L. from NYC  (film producer)


Prices  6 jan – 20 dec 

bungalow 2 pers. terrasse , aircon without breakfirst =   1600 baths / 40 eur+-

with breakfirst = 1750 bath

All inclusive (exept alchool) = 2800 bath

Price by day, by bungalow for 2 poepel

very hi season:    21 dec – 5 janv   

bungalow 2 pers. terrasse, aircon, without breackfirst =  2600 bath / 65 eur +-

with breakfirst  = 2750 bath

All inclusive = 3800 bath (exept alchool)


for special event or brunch =1500 bath by couple (include eat and welcom coktail ) with booking and pay before and 2000 bath by couple at the door

the price of event is not include inside the price of the room